Global Buyer Trends: The ‘Safe-Haven’ Investments Driving Luxury Real Estate | Elite Traveler

As affluent buyers around the world search for safe-haven investments, prices in several property markets continue to rise.

Edward de Mallet Morgan, Associate Partner at Knight Frank, talks to Elite Traveler about the trends in the global luxury real estate market and tells us where his clients are looking to invest.

With a growing number of affluent individuals around the world, several real estate markets around the globe are seeing a rise in the demand, and prices of, luxury residential properties.

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Competing with the big boys: How a local homebuilder beat the recession – VEGAS INC

Homebuilder Robb Beville is a rare breed in Las Vegas: He works for a local company.

The valley’s home construction market is dominated by out-of-state, publicly traded builders that are worth billions of dollars, employ thousands of people and sell tens of thousands of homes nationwide each year. They include Miami’s Lennar Corp., Texas’ D.R. Horton and Los Angeles’ KB Home.

Beville, president of Las Vegas-based Harmony Homes, has 55 employees and sells about 400 homes a year.

Harmony is one of a few local, privately held builders with sizable market share. Las Vegas used to have more of them, but they got wiped out by the recession.

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These Homes Could Be Your Castle | Zillow Blog

To some degree, every home is the owner’s castle, but these homes take it a step further. With stone walls, turrets and even a guard shack, these residences would fit into medieval Europe, or perhaps a Harry Potter novel.

In the ivy-covered league

1 Castle Rd, Piermont, NY

For sale: $5.5 million

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Benefits Of House-Hunting During The Holiday Season

When you\’re writing out the holiday shopping list, maybe it\’s time to put your name on it and a home as the gift. If you\’ve been considering buying a home, here are a few reasons why shopping for one during the holiday season can benefit you.

Yes, it may involve you really prioritizing your time; the holiday season is a busy time. But if you can make time to house-hunt and you have already been pre-approved so you know how much home you can afford, then this could be a very good experience. And it may lead you to a new home in time for Christmas!

Like many businesses, the holiday season can cause things to slow way down. That\’s often the case for real estate. However, that doesn\’t mean you won\’t find eager sellers hoping you\’ll make an offer on their homes. Even though there are parties, kids\’ social activities and end-of-the-year work commitments, real estate sellers are still ready to let you step inside their homes to see if you\’ll find one is a good fit.

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Best Real Estate Investing Strategies for 2014

What are the best real estate investing strategies for 2014?

For those trying to close real estate deals during the holiday season, 2014 can seem a long way off. A lot needs to be done between now and the New Year. However, experienced real estate investing pros not only understand the importance of maintaining an advantage, but get that winning in 2014 involves keeping up with the trends. Neglecting to realize the best real estate investing strategies for the end of the year and into 2014 can be devastating to any business.

Many investors, particularly those that are new to the industry, find themselves wondering what will help them prevail in the next year. With so many options and changing market conditions, it is easy to get confused. Is wholesaling, rehabbing, or something else the best real estate investing strategy for 2014?

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The New Real Estate Game Changers | FortuneBuilders

5 real estate game changers evolving now:

1. Huge Bets

Trophy properties are back in and huge bets are being made by spec builders looking to serve those chasing them. Florida builders are selling spec homes for tens of millions of dollars, a 1 bedroom property just sold for over $20 million in California and two thirty something year old developers are currently building a $322 million spec home in London.

2. Private Lending Becomes Mainstream

Between higher taxes, poor returns elsewhere, a need for solid income investments and surging confidence in the housing market private mortgage lending is becoming mainstream. It will no longer be a mission to sell the idea to affluent investors but getting an opportunity in front of them which will serve their needs and egos.

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Housing market remains resilient during seasonal slowdown | 2013-11-14 | HousingWire

According to Redfin, as the holiday season nears, the housing market is showing signs of stability and even resilience through the seasonal slowdown. Redfin has more:

The 19-market median sales price is up 15.3 percent year-over-year at $327,302, Redfin said.

Month-over-month prices ticked down slightly with a 0.9 percent decrease. Home sales were up 0.6 percent over last year’s very strong October with 74,363 homes sold this month. Inventory continues to be the low point in the housing market, down 10.4 percent over last year, and down 5.5 percent from last month. As we said last week, shifting market conditions, such as reduced competition and falling mortgage rates, likely sustained demand in October.

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